A & R Gifts started out of a passion for finding thoughtful beautiful gifts for my family and friends. As a busy mum of two boys, Albie and Ronnie, we started putting ideas down on paper as they came to mind.

My eldest Albie began to ask questions and showed an interest in collecting his own special objects. It wasn’t long before he had little piles, all over the house of what he had collected.

In the middle of organising and sourcing products, our youngest Ronnie was medically diagnosed and thus the dream was put on hold while we took care of his needs.

Months went past and things started to ease with the pressures of home life, my drive to start A & R Gifts was now even more a goal. Being able to stay home and look after my boys while running a business and provide for my family was finally born.

Our logo is designed around the Australian Magpie as it is known for its collecting of shiney objects to line their nests. Here at A and R Gifts that’s exactly what we do, we help to bring smiles to those we love with beautiful hampers and gifts.